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I've had the opportunity to write various FileMaker database content for MacWorld UK. It was an interesting experience and the MacWorld staff were an absolute pleasure!

FileMaker 12 Review - April 17, 2012
FileMaker Inc., a subsidiary of Apple Computer, continues its stunning track record of releasing powerful upgrades to its core client, server and mobile portfolio products. The FileMaker 12 suite, released this month, has a massive set of new features that are aimed at the entry level designers and career FileMaker developers alike. A tall order to be sure but FileMaker 12 delivers. (More)

Macworld Masterclass: Add email out to FileMaker Go  - October 25, 2010
We will be designing within FileMaker Pro, then the application will be loaded to FileMaker Go to be run upon an iPhone or iPad within FileMaker Go. It may be helpful to describe the end result before we cover each step of the design process. We’ll click a button on a timecard record to build a corresponding email record. After being taken to that record, we’ll examine it, add anything we feel necessary to it and ultimately click the SEND button. (More)

FileMaker Go for iPhone / iPad Review - September 21, 2010
FileMaker has released a new mobile member in its product family called FileMaker Go. This lighter and more nimble variation can open databases stored on your network or those you copy over to your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch. You can read, write, update and delete records with an uncanny amount of ease. FileMaker Go cannot create a new database or edit the structure of an existing database, however, those duties are reserved for the desktop version. (more)

FileMaker 11 Review - March 9, 2010
FileMaker 11 is here and the single best single word to describe it is, Charts. FileMaker 11 has built in charting of data and this new feature is easy to master, flexible, elegant and even web compliant. You can choose to create bar, area, line and pie charts. Describing the process is almost as easy as performing it. You click the appropriate tool to create the chart and draw a box on the layout. A dialog box will come up with the options to choose a chart type, chart title, what field(s) represent which chart axis and what set of data do you want to use for the chart. (More)



Back in 2002 - 2005, I was running a FileMaker consulting business out of my home in Danville Illinois. I decided to write a collection of FileMaker guides and self publish them in pdf format. These guides covered FileMaker versions 5 up to version 7. In 2007 I decided I wanted to experiment with blogging about FileMaker and used this content as a starting off point. I became fascinated with process and quickly created a number of Google Blogger accounts to cover FileMaker topics from different angles.

In 2010, I decided to integrate the blogs directly into my main website and decided to use SquareSpace as my domain hosting provider. I had heard so many good things about them and they provided a service to import all those Blogger posts into the new site! The process was very quick and easy however you may come across a broken link or two. I'm cleaning up the content a little at a time but it takes time with over 3,000 posts to cover.

These days, all my fresh content is in the FileMaker Thoughts journal and much of it is a repackaging of previous content. I look for an older post and revitalize it with fresh content that may have come to light with the incremental releases of FileMaker Pro.