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The Renton Candy Cane Run


A fun dog themed run in Renton, Brenda, the boys and I had a great time.


Coupeville 2013

Went to Coupeville on Whidby Island for a half marathon race. We made a weekend out of it with Brenda inviting her friend from US Bank and renting a house on the beach.

The house was fantastic and loved the sunsets!

The race is set to take runners through the national parkland area known as the Ebey's Landing National Historical Reserve, whose more than 17,000 acres have been home to Native American tribes like the Skagit Indians as well as explorers like Captain George Vancouver and Joseph Whidbey, for whom the island was later named.

Today, the reserve is dedicated to preserving the remains of its farming, shipbuilding and seaport past, as visitors can take in sights like the city that was built in nearby Coupeville as well as Fort Ebey and Fort Casey.

Enjoying a post race beverage and looking at the view!





Walking Rizzo & Roo With Brenda In Omaha - 2013

Enjoyed myself last weekend in Omaha visiting Brenda's family, here a are a few pictures from our dog walking adventure.



August Weekend At Spirit Lake - 2012



Some pictures of our weekend at Spirit Lake at Brenda's long time friend Karen's cabin. Great weekend!







Sunday Morning "Run Scared" 5K - 2011

Last week, although we paid and registered, we decided against going to the Zombie Run 5K in Olympia. It was raining like crazy and too far to drive in that bad weather to run in that kind of weather. I heard about the Run Scared 5K  which benefits The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and we decided to give it a go. Personally, I just wanted to see how people would react to the costume I got Bogie and the feedback was awesome!

This picture has grown into one of my favorites of the year. I saw someone ahead of me pointing their camera blindly behind them. I decided to give it a go and never realized my head would appear in a "Kilroy" pose. As you scan the photo, look at

  • the child's expression in the lower right
  • the pair of hands holding up an iPhone for a picture in the mid upper right
  • the woman whose costume is simply a handlebar mustache
  • way in the back, the four guys going as teenage mutant ninja turtles
  • and all the others

I love this shot!

Here is a peak at Bogies costume. The most awesome part about it is the pumpkin the the sleepy hallow riders hand would bop up and down while he was running!

Bogie and I before the race. I ended up turning the mask backwards for the run.

Another bogie shot.

My ride, date and running partner Brenda, who decided to go sans costume!