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I've always liked sharing links and wanted to collect and present them in a way that I found useful as an ongoing resource. Along with each link, I try to include a small taste of the article I found compelling. It is amazing how a set of links can grow over time!

AGILE SNAPSHOTS: Although I still enjoy some good waterfall from time to time, I'm fascinated with Agile (Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban)! I hope you enjoy this growing list of links I've collected that illustrate various opinions of a good agile practices including Scrum, XP, Lean and Kanban.


BUSINESS ANALYSIS SNAPSHOTS:   A few years ago, I wasn't that familiar with the Business Analyst role. I had the opportunity to take a 30 week University Of Washington course on the subject and have been immersed in the topic ever since. If requirements are part of your design process, I recommend you explore this domain and see for yourself.


THE PMO:  At the day job, I'm assigned to a newly formed PMO and it is challenging on multiple levels. You can find many viewpoints that state that most PMOs fail in their mission within the first 3 years of launch. I continue to research the topic from multiple viewpoints and continue to be amazed at the diversity of topics covered.


DATA INTELLIGENCE : I've been working with data and databases since the early 1990s and love it. One of the reasons I did a deep dive into the project management domain was to better support data and database focused projects. Here you will find moderately technical content and viewpoints on leveraging data for business needs.