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FILEMAKER: The Halt Script Step

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker Developer
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This step halts ScriptMaker from running completely. This is a way out of a currently running script and any subscripts attached to it. This is the opposite of the Exit script step that only stops the current running script.

Halt Script is usually used as a logical branch option. If the user chooses this or a set of tested conditions are true then .... get out of here... otherwise, do something else.

I’ve also seen this script step be used as a kill switch when developing a complex script. The developer can create a script with just the Halt script step and leave it as an option under the Scripts menu. Then if a script goes awry ( like when ScriptMaker is in an endless loop ), the developer can activate the kill switch script via the menu or via a keyboard shortcut. Much better that force quitting FileMaker or pulling the plug on the computer!

Be sure that in using the Halt or Exit script steps, you do not strand the user on an unfamiliar layout or leave them in the wrong layout mode. Always make sure the user is on the layout and in the mode (Browse or Find usually) they should be in before you Exit / Halt a script.

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