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FILEMAKER: Allow User Abort Script Step

From Dwayne Wright -

There are times that the integrity of a FileMaker database can be damaged if a script is not allowed to run it's complete course. For example, a script may import a set of records, the process them, perhaps delete a few of the records and export them to some other area. If you aborted the script in the middle, you may have some unprocessed records, some records you don’t really want and your operations dependent upon the export are crippled for that day.

Although there is no menu item to abort a currently running script, FileMaker has a keyboard shortcut for both Macintosh and Windows machines to get you out of a running script.

FYI... The keyboard shortcuts for aborting a currently running script are the esc (escape) key for Windows users and command-period key combination for Macintosh users.

The Allow User Abort via its on or off setting, either allows or does not allow the end user to cancel out of a currently running script. The On position will allow that user to abort the script while it is running and the OFF position will not allow that user to abort.

Using get functions, you can see what privilege set level was used to open the database. Then, if they are designer, allow them to abort. If they are a standard user, do not allow them to exit a script unless it is complete.

If you have a long script that you will not allow the user to exit from, warn them first. The best way to do this is using another FileMaker script step called Show Message. You can warn the user that the script may take a long time to run and allow them to abort it's execution BEFORE it gets started.
Normally, you will want to have this script step as close to the top of the script as possible. Otherwise the user could abort the script before the script comes to the Allow User Abort step is reached in the script.

FileMaker Instant Web Publishing supports more than 70 script steps! When the Indicate Web Compatibility checkbox is checked, all incompatible script steps are dimmed! If a script contains IWP unsupported scripts steps and it is executed under IWP, you can use the Allow User Abort script step to manage the effects. If the Allow User Abort step is in the ON position, the script will stop when it encounters the unsupported step. In the other position, which is the OFF position and the default for FileMaker, then IWP will pass-over the unsupported script steps and execute the rest of the script. If there is no Allow User Abort script step in the script, IWP will halt the script at the first instance of an unsupported script step.

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