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Organize Your Finances With InBizness Money
There are a lot of software packages out there to help you organize your finances. There are 300 pound gorilla packages like Quicken and small shareware packages that seem very cute and cuddly. What if your needs are in between the large and the tiny? What if you want to integrate your finance transactions with a productive FileMaker database your office uses. What if you have a mixed bag of users in your office working on Windows and others using Macintosh computers?

InBizness Money is a FileMaker database designed to organize your investments with a tool designed to adapt to your needs, not strong arm you to complying with their way of doing things.

- Developed by Certified FileMaker Developers
- Get immediate access to all your finance accounts in one place
- Organize tax related data for easy manipulation and export
- Plan investments and monitor account portfolios
- Keep your data safe with cutting edge FileMaker security
- Runs on Macs and Windows
- Can run in single user or network mode (FileMaker Server Compatible)
- Can be integrated with any existing FileMaker 7 or higher solution
- Single file integration makes backups and taking your data out of the office easy

What if you need other modules or customizations to the existing modules?  InBizness Money is an open framework FileMaker application. That means you can adjust layout screens, add fields, write scripts or even build new relationships between modules! We have not added any technology other than pure basic FileMaker design. If you have read and understand the $99 FileMaker Training Series manual, you should have no problem modifying all aspects of  InBizness Money. You can also select from hundreds of authorized FileMaker developers to help you out ... including ... myself!

Below you will find a series of links that will open up snapshots from InBizness Money in a new browser window.