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Oregon Coast Weekend


Quick Trip To Lowell Riverfront

A couple weekends ago, our pack headed north to the Lowell Riverfront trail for a nice walk. I was going to run a half marathon there the following weekend and wanted to get familiar with the area again. It also gave us an excuse to visit downtown Snohomish again and enjoy a beautiful day.


It took Brenda a while to herd the dogs into a somewhat nice pose shot.

Should have gotten more trail shots, it was a very nice day. On the way back, Brenda snaps these pictures of the boys trying to work out a "who gets the doggie bed" compromise.







July 19, 2013 Hike At Little Mount Si















Early December At St Eds With Brenda & Bogie

On a Saturday, Brenda had to inspect a property for work and the wonder dog and I tagged along. We stopped by one of our old stomping grounds of St. Eds. We didn't make it down the Lake Washington trail but one of the smaller side trails.


A couple snaps of Brenda at the grotto.

Probably the last set of pictures with Panasonic DMC-ZS7 as it starting to freak out occasionally. I think there may still be some Oregon Coast sand in the lens mechanism from last year. I'm really hard on a camera and this one has lasted longer than any of my previous cameras by far.


Port Townsend / Fort Warden On October 13th


Brenda needed to make a business trip to Port Townsend and we decided to make a family day out of it. We started off in downtown Port Townsend and walked up and down the main street a few times shopping. 



If you notice the building in the background, it has an old painted Bull Durham advertisement just like the movie!


Bogie did a double take on this pooch before realizing it was safe to take a drink. 
Off to Fort Warden for some beach sun!




Exploring the fort with Bogie and Brenda!