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FileMaker Links For Week 29 of 2010

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From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker 10, 9 & 8 Developer
EMAIL:     TWITTER: dwaynewright

It has been quite some time since I’ve provided a link list. Sure I have been plenty busy but I think the last month has been a bit light in FileMaker information.

Stay Independent - HOnza’s Bits @24U
A very well thought out article on the pros & cons of using FileMaker Plug-ins.

Prevent Support Calls - HOnza’s Bits @24U
Another very nice article that is worth a quick read.

FileMaker Calendar: SeedCode Complete Teaser

Interesting FileMaker Techniques: Multilingual FileMaker Layouts = Adam Varga

Multifunctional FileMaker Buttons - DataSplash


Help Request: Anyone Familiar With FileMaker / EndNote Integration?

I have a client that has asked the following question in a project proposal. So I'm putting out a call for help to the FileMaker community or perhaps out source a portion of a project!

"We’d like to be able to easily produce properly‐formatted citations from our database information, for use in reports. Several members of our team have successfully used EndNote to do the work of formatting bibliographic data and inserting it where needed, so we’d like to be able to continue using that program.

Would it be possible to set up an export process from our FileMaker database to EndNote, and if so, what database design considerations should be taken into account?"

On the surface, this doesn't look like a straight forward process. I was wondering if I could get some feedback from anyone that has walked this path before. I'm at the stage where they are looking at the costs of providing this feature. So I'd be interested in both time requirement estimates or perhaps even out sourcing this integration (if you are interested). For any outsourcing estimates, please email me offline at


Multiple Developers On Same Database

© 2010 Dwayne Wright -
From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker 10, 9 & 8 Developer
EMAIL:     TWITTER: dwaynewright

A lot has been discussed (sadly little of it written) about multiple developers working on the same FileMaker database at the same time. I thought the following consecutive twitter posts from two big names in FileMaker development is a funny commentary on the experience.


Sharing My Feedback To A Proposal Needs Assessment

© 2010 Dwayne Wright -

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker 10, 9 & 8 Developer
EMAIL:     TWITTER: dwaynewright

One of the strengths I try to evolve as a FileMaker developer is the soft skills area. I’m not interested in the latest and greatest memory variable array creation / parsing techniques or elaborate gold plated developer “ain’t this cool” techniques. These are important aspects of the FileMaker community but I’m more of a GTD developer.

I do like to dive deep into a customers needs analysis and communicate possibilities to them. This is the main reason I started the trek towards project manager certification and devoted so much time attaining that credential.

Anyhoo ... that is my rationalization for writing project related manifestos, such as below, for clients. I thought I’d share it with you (just in case you are as nutty about documentation as I am). Cheers! Dwayne

We need a unified bibliographic database that will enable us to:  
(1) Find both specific records and lists of records that fall in particular categories,  
(2) Pull up electronic copies of these records via a link,  
(3) Find information that will help us locate hardcopies of documents,  
(4) Generate citations for use in reports,  
(5) Have capability for expansion to include other resource types (maps, databases, our own deliverables). 


By all means, FileMaker has excellent search capabilities and can return search results in form or list views. Depending on the needs, search results can be easily grouped and even have their results displayed in a chart!

As we discussed, it would be recommend to have the entire workgroup upgraded to FileMaker 11. This can empower your search process in two very important areas. 

First, FileMaker 11 has a new global search feature called Quick Find. Using an area in the top status bar, you can enter in a search string and it will look for matching results for every field on the window layout.

The second feature is called Snapshot Link. This allows you to save a small file that remembers found sets of data. It isn't the data itself but when opened by another FileMaker user, it will take them directly to the records that were in the found set when the snapshot link was created. In essence, it is a found set capsule that can be easily shared among workgroup users.

FileMaker 11 allows you to embed file location references in a field type called a container. This allows you to bring up the file with a double click upon the field itself. We can also program a button to retrieve the file for local storage or even create an outgoing email with the file automatically attached as an enclosure.

There are a number of ways to interpret this requirement. A search for FileMaker records can bring up results for previously embedded file references. If you have documents stored in an area and you would like FileMaker to build a batch index of those documents, that is possible. There are utilities designed to empower FileMaker solutions to batch add references to various documents and glean what information it can from them to store in the FileMaker record. These utilities are called "plug-ins" and when added to a users FileMaker installation, they add additional capabilities to FileMaker's existing feature set.

By all means, you can build citations for multiple records and you could store these citation references as an ongoing asset to the data set. That is to say that you could build a citation list for one record and then click a button to automatically look at those associated documents and include it as a possible citation for them.

We can store citation results as their own data set table. That way you can have citation specific lists to help empower building new future citations. A particular record could store multiple citation sets over time and be used as an organically evolving research resource of its own. In fact, using the FileMaker 11 snapshot link feature (mentioned earlier), you can even email the citation list to another user enabling them to view the citation records!

The container field type I mentioned earlier is capable of storing references of almost any file type. Adding an interesting twist to these capabilities is another FileMaker feature called the web viewer. Basically it is a web browser that is available within a FileMaker layout and can have input control based upon the record itself!

A classic example is a display of a google map on a layout that corresponds to the address information on that record. So you can think of it as a blending of internet features within an existing shell of FileMaker features for your solution.


FileMaker Links For Week 25 of 2010

© 2010 Dwayne Wright -

From Dwayne Wright PMP - Certified FileMaker 10, 9 & 8 Developer
EMAIL:     TWITTER: dwaynewright

Here is a listing of interesting links I found in the FileMaker community. These might not be new links but ones that I discovered and wanted to share with you this week.

Working In A Live Database (VIDEO) -
Skeleton Key - Chad Adams

A quick video (under 7 minutes) that is packed with very useful information on schema locking related issues while working on a live hosted FileMaker database. Chad also shared insights on the differences between the “On Creation” and “On Commit” settings for the serial number generation for auto enter. Very nice and I found that particularly useful since I don’t think I’ve ever used the “On Commit” setting.

In addition to providing some great info, I really like the pace Chad had achieved in the video. Creating an informative and concise training video is NOT easy and this is one of the best ones I’ve ever seen shared with the FileMaker community!


Lookups on Ranges of Values -

The longest running and most content rich FileMaker blog isn’t a blog at all. It is FileMaker’s Knowledge Base and it is found at the top of the support section at! I really try to cruise by there from time to time and this week had some gems. The one that I’d like to point out here deals with another FileMaker setting that I have largely ignored. This is the “Copy Using Next Lower Value” option for lookup fields. This is a particularly well written piece and has an associated post titled “Lookups on Ranges of Discontiguous Values”. 

A Natural System - Anvil Dataworks

Show script mod time in Manage Scripts - Bill On FileMaker