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I've always loved learning but I've never really journaled anything about the courses and content that I've covered. Primarily I'm doing this as "my cloud" way to keep track but also share the information to anyone that might find it interest.

Cheers! Dwayne Wright PMP, PMI-ACP


Attained PMI Professional Business Analyst Certification

I’m very excited to share the news that in February 2015, I’ve obtained the Professional Business Analyst certification from PMI! As soon as PMI announced this addition to their portfolio, I began the process to get the opportunity to sit for the exam and then master that exam. I really enjoyed reading the books they recommended and the Business Analysis For Practitioners Guide. The later is a free download, it is very well done and I recommend it to anyone interested in the analysis process.



Awarded The "T2 Performance Appreciation" Coins

In July 2014, I was awarded one of the first Performance Appreciation Coins from The National Center of Telehealth and Technology. This award comes from a success I had architecting a SDLC specific six phase gate project management system for the enterprise.

This was a crunch deadline where I had to get agreement between six different departments. Oh, and another thing, I only have six weeks to have it completed, documented and approved by the senior leadership of the organization.

The coin is very nice and Col. Campise funded the production of them out of his own pocket! The "tails" side of the coin has a roaring lion and that is the pose in the second picture. The motto is to "Get your Grrrr on!".


Certified ScrumMaster



In The University Of Washington Catalog

How funny, in my Business Analysis class a few weeks ago, they were taking pictures and we had to sign releases. University of Washington released a new catalog and ... whoop ... there it is! I guess I have that "Construction, Real Estate and Sustainability" face!


Wizards Of The Coast Career Ends

I've been designing databases in FileMaker Pro since 1989 and a full time FileMaker developer since 1993. From 2010 to April 2014, I had been working at WotC as a combination in house FileMaker developer and implementation SME at Wizards Of The Coast in Renton Washington. The position gave me plenty of opportunities and I'm particularly proud of being a key player in building an enterprise level FileMaker based PMO during such a short amount of time.